Otay School Reopening Details – April 12!!!

Otay Families: We are so very excited for our school reopening on Monday April 12. About half of our Falcons are returning to in-person classes. Following is information to help families returning to school prepare for coming back on campus after more than one year away.

For students, especially young ones, who may be nervous about coming to school, our Early Education department put together some social stories on their youtube channel. Please click on this link to view stories in English and Spanish about Going to School, Wearing a Mask at School, and Social Distancing. Also, we have a support team ready to help your child transition back to school. Our School Counselor, Social Worker, Social Work Interns, and other support staff are ready!

You will receive a class dojo message and email Thursday or Friday confirming your child’s teacher and placement according to your requests. Some students will have a new teacher starting April 12, The schedules for AM and PM in-person classes are below.

Please watch the following narrated PowerPoint for Reopening Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szgXHDrAjGc

Please click on the link below to read and review the Otay Reopening Parent Handbook.

The district has also put together the Reopening Playbook for Parents with additional details. It can be found by clicking here

Published by Veronica Delgado

Principal Otay Elementary School CVESD

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